Fly tying and Fly Movies


Tying a Squirrel and Blue Sea Trout Fly - this is the beginning video in a series showing you aspects of our sport that you may find useful. It is the intention to feature a range of videos showing how to make various flies and tips and tricks that we all can use either in the tying shack or out on the river. Any ideas for a video would be considered.


The under water action of fishing flies can show the way in which a fly 'works'. Here the orange and gold tube fly was held using fluorocarbon line in the flow of a tailwater. You can clearly see the speed of the water and how the fly is kept level and fishes well in faster water. In slower water you would expect the fly to dip at the tail due to the weight of the treble hook. An interesting insight nonetheless

The action of a surface lure across the tail of a pool. This movie shows the wake it creates and thus the key attractant for sea trout.

A surface lure viewed from below. It shows quite clearly the disturbance that these lures create.

A surface lure viewed from above (at a slower speed). The camera then takes you underneath the surface to show you how much disturbance there is on the surface of the water to that below.

All videos on this page are copywritten and have been filmed by David Luckhurst and may not be reproduced without his express permission. Links to this site however are welcome.

Tying an Orange and Gold Sea Trout Fly - this is the second video in the ongoing series. The orange and gold is a popular fly as the season lengthens. This fly is useful when fished during the day when there is a little colour in the water

Making a Snake Fly Mount

Currently one of the most popular flies. This video shows the method used to make a snake fly mount ready for the all important dressing.